General Frequently Asked Questions

What does Active Torrents mean?
Active torrents means the amount of torrents that can be running (uploading or downloading) at the same time.

What does disk space mean?
Disk space means the size of the directory that will be used to hold your torrent files.

When I buy 5GB of space how much of that do I actually get?
what you buy is exactly what you get.

Can I upload to the server via ftp?
Ofcourse you can, we provide FTP accounts free with every Torrentflux account. If you want more than one FTP account.

Could I install additional software to use?
We do not sell VPS or dedicated servers, we only sell Torrentflux accounts. Because of this we are the leaders in Torrentflux hosting. If there is a feature you require, please come talk to us about it, we may be able to include it in your package or if that software does not yet exist we may be able to create it.

If halfway through the month, I want to increase the amount of Active torrents and disk space I bought. Can this be done?
Yes ofcourse, just send us an e-mail saying how much you want to increase it by.

How does your money back policy work ?
you may try our service for 5 days and if you were not satisfied for any reason , we will refund 100% of your money.

I have a problem with my account should I suffer in silence?
Certainly NOT ! if you have a problem you should contact us straight away. We pride ourselves on fast and friendly customer support. Just ask.

What are the limits on my uTorrent account?
The only limits you have are the amount Disk Space & Bandwidth you have used. you can have unlimited active torrents on your account.
Please note only Torrent Network BW is counted ( Download and Upload ) and your FTP & HTTP BW will remain free. sharing your FTP account will cause a permanent ban on your account.

I want to seed files on my uTorrent account , is it allowed ?
yes , on our uTorrent plan , you can seed your files freely. no upload or seed ratio limits involved.

I want to seed files on my TF account , is it allowed ?
Technically yes , on our regular plan we allow seeding by maximum 100% share ratio and 300KBps upload speed , but we suggest uTorrent plans for seeders and TorrentFlux plans for leechers.

Is there any hard limit on my account ?
Yes , There is , if you exceed your active torrents limit or Disk Space limit , all of your torrents will be killed by our system and you will see "Transfer Died" status.
so always stay in your limits or upgrade your account :)

How does additional Bandwidth work for TF accounts ?
It is very important that you understand how it works before you purchase any additional BW for seeding , 100GB additional BW in fact is the permission to seed 100GB without any speed or ratio limits , so it doesnt matter if you seed by low speed or high speed or low ratio or high ratio , your additional BW will be used.

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